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Ceramic Window Tinting Residential Palos Verdes Estates

The Challenge

Location | Excessive Heat | Night & Day View | Fading | Product Warranty

The close proximity to the ocean and experiencing for ourselves over the many years in business how some metal based window tinting treatments react to the salty air environment helped determine the solar film technology used for this project. Therefore product longevity was on top of the list here as corrosion was a valid concern.

Excessive heat was a big issue and since this property has 100's of window panes exposed to direct sun we were called upon to choose a window film product that would perform effectively and 'efficiently' but not change the aesthetics too drastically and defeat the massive charm this property portrays.

The day and night view is another factor we always consider for homeowners especially, but when you have a view as spectacular as this we have to assure we don't devalue that in any way. In most cases we improve the day time view by choosing a crisp looking product that subdues most of the glare with great night view aesthetic values.

This incredible mansion being that it's on top of a mountain is especially exposed to the harmful radiation of the sun. Protecting valuable heirlooms from premature fading 'our top overall concern with our Los Angeles South Bay Window Film customers' was again part of the plan here as well.

Finally understanding the value an exceptional warranty can add with a manufacturer of over 350 years speaks for itself. Our long relationships with our vendors adds an additional layer of assurance, that you will be taken care of in case of product failure or defect, a very low probability but a valid concern for anyone.

The Solution

Since our inception we've been talking about corrosion because Clearview Sun Control, Inc. has always been located in South Bay Los Angeles where corrosion is mostly relevant. We understand this topic very well! Saint-Gobain recently introduced their very impressive and affordable ceramic window film line. We're glad they did because that's the technology that worked best for this project. Ceramic film is an inert technology, ideal for those battling with the corrosive conditions of the high salty air conditions of beach front properties.

To counter the excessive heat transmitting through the clear dual pane glass we wanted to use a ceramic film that worked most efficiently. Some ceramics due to their very low reflective values will achieve higher absorption rates, with certain dual paned glass units this can be even more of a concern. Do to the nature of the type of glass and the high importance of heat rejection efficiency we recommended a medium Ceramic 35 from Panorama (Saint-Gobain) called CX35 for most of the west facing glass panels. We treated other rooms with an exterior overhead protection with a lighter version of this same film called CX50.

Nighttime view and daytime views can be diminished if you choose the wrong product. The fact that we chose a low reflective window film product that doesn't incorporate any metals we assured these concernes were a non issue.

You can achieve great fade reduction results with a film many shades lighter as we did with the CX50. The number 50 represents roughly the percentage of light entering through the glass. So CX35 being a medium dark film (more aggressive) performed better then the 50. As you can see in the photo's provided, it barely darkens a well lighted room.

An excellent warranty program like no other... Inherited through our services is a lifetime manufacturers warranty, match word for word any existing glass manufacturer's warranty in place and transferable to new ownership.

Window Tinting Picture Notes

Below we included picture #2 which shows glass WITHOUT window film so you can see that glass can look dark already without any film on it.

Picture #3 was a shot focused to the exterior view, since we used a smartphone to take these pics, whenever we focus towards a bright source of light it generally makes the rest of the subject matter look darker then it really is which is why we included #4.

Picture #4 was a shot we focused on to the interior light. This is a good representation of the adequate light you still achieve even with a medium light film.

CX35 Ceramic Film Rancho Palos Verdes
CX35 Ceramic Film Rancho Palos Verdes
WITHOUT Window Film Treatment
WITHOUT Window Film Treatment
Interior Ceramic 35 Film Rancho Palos Verdes
Interior Ceramic 35 Film Rancho Palos Verdes
Ceramic 35 to Highlight Plenty Daylight
Ceramic 35 to Highlight Plenty Daylight
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