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Commercial Exterior Silver 20 Reflective Window Film Long Beach

The Challenge

Reject MAXIMUM Heat on naturally dark glass

Our customer Larry Mirick of SIERRA PACIFIC Engineering and Products (SPEP) contemplated installing an expensive glass system to his building to help block out some of the excess heat transferring through his darkened glass units. Unfortunately the replacement cost didn't add up. So the glass company he was working with recommended he call Clearview Sun Control, Inc. to observe any other effective and affordable solutions available with window film. Larry didn't just want to cut back the heat, he pretty much wanted the problem eradicated or at the least to entertain the idea of maximizing his ROI and help make his building a much more pleasant place to work in for his biggest asset, his employees.

The Solution

We could have chosen an interior solar film which could have made a big impact in total heat rejection. This would have been the simplest thing to do because all the interior glass was accessible with a 2' ladder and the exterior glass would not have shown any change in aesthetics since the naturally dark glass would have hidden all the reflective metals in the product but that wouldn't have been the right thing to do for one simple reason. Our goal was for MAXIMUM heat rejection. Understanding how certain glass and solar films react together as a unit to direct sun exposure is the key to understanding the logistical challenges of choosing the right product. Additionally, the latest in glass measuring tools we have available when we survey your home or business help us make smarter and more reliable decisions, they allow us to measure the effects of the existing untreated glass compared to glass treated with our window film so we can learn exactly what is happening on a technical level. You bet we used some of these tools to help clarify our position for Larry and his building.

We ended up choosing the Silver 20 Exterior window film product made by Saint-Gobain called Sentinel™ Plus Silver 20 OSW. There were other choices but Solar Gard offered a simple to understand commercial warranty with an improved exterior coating technology that should last well over the manufacturers stated warranty period. The exterior window film was the most effective solution because the film is reflecting an enormous amount of energy at its source, most of that suns energy is bouncing right off the glass and never has a chance to enter the existing high-absorbing glass. The Exterior Silver 20 in effect made the glass much cooler to the touch, we want to stress efficiency here and that's exactly what we provided.

Exterior Window Film Silver 20 Long Beach
Exterior Window Film Silver 20 Long Beach
Exterior Silver 20 Window Tinting Long Beach
Exterior Silver 20 Window Tinting Long Beach
BEFORE Window Film Treatment Long Beach
BEFORE Window Film Treatment Long Beach
Exterior Window Tinting Silver 20 Long Beach
Exterior Window Tinting Silver 20 Long Beach

About the Company

SIERRA PACIFIC Engineering and Products

CEO Larry Mirick

Corporate Headquarters:

4041 Via Oro Ave.,

Long Beach CA 90810


SPEP: Industrial Hardware Suppliers

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products is a global industrial hardware supplier to a diverse customer base of both OEMs and distributors. They are headquartered in Long Beach, California, and also own facilities in Dallas, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; and Southern China...

click SPEP's link above for more info

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