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Residential Dual Reflective Solar Film Torrance

The Challenge

We all understand what it feels to have the sun blaring directly in our line of sight when driving on a freeway as an example, it can be debilitating even when we wear dark sunglasses so the last thing we need is to double down inside our sanctuary homes, not to mention any commercial or office situation. So what can be done about it? We've seen the clever paper and tape solution positioned in that perfect sweet spot on many window panes throughout our many years in business, there you go sun take that! ... but unless you're purposely making an artistic statement (maybe add a few post-it stickers to the mix?) this may not be the best solution to the problem. What about window coverings? If the glass is an odd shape there's a good chance that a custom shade would be a pretty high cost alternative or maybe impractical. Even so, if heat is also an issue the shade helps but traps much of the heat so eventually much of it transmits into the room and generally window coverings limit or completely block most or any transparency or view from the window during the times you use it.

The Solution

A Dark Reflective or Non Reflective Window Film. In this case we like the Dual-Reflective Window Films. The customer specifically asked for a dark reflective film so she was already half way there but there are still some factors you need to think of and that's where we come into play;

* Type of glass we are treating the Sun Control Film to? - This was a dual pane glass so this alone tells us to be cautious from choosing a high absorbing low reflective film. Reflective Window Films are generally the best solutions here.

* Type of reflective film to chose? - Being this was a home office space, we recommended a dual-reflective film because these are manufactured in such a way that allows maximum nighttime viewing in its category.

* How Dark to go? - This is subjective but you can block as much as 95% (a.k.a. 5% vlt) or more of the light, we would consider that to be limo dark window film. Being this was a window directly in front of a home office desk and our customer spent most of the day working here we suggested getting aggressive with a 90% visible light blocking film (or 10% vlt). Our chosen products still allow excellent daytime visibility even at this level believe it or not, so you don't have to lose that clear view in the process.

* Window Film Brand, who/where it's made? We align ourselves with the best vendors in the industry simply because our future depends on it. In this case we recommended what we believe to be the best Dual-Reflective product on the market being Panorama Residential Lifetime Warranty Window Films offered exclusively through the Panorama Elite Dealer Network. Wouldn't it be nice to know there was a local company here in California where you could actually drive to one of their major and impressive state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to see and touch the product? Wouldn't it be even more satisfying to know they have been in business for over 350 years and offer some of the industries most sought out technologies and warranties too? For those of us concerned about our planet why not chose a manufacturer that actually produces carbon negative products and has obtained their environmental prodact declaration (EPD)?

Product choice was Saint-Gobain, Panorama Slate 10

Reflective Window Film Torrance Before
Reflective Window Film Torrance Before
Reflective Solar Film Torrance After
Reflective Solar Film Torrance After
Reflective Window Film Los Angeles Before
Reflective Window Film Los Angeles Before
Reflective Solar Film Torrance After
Reflective Solar Film Torrance After
811 N Catalina Ave #2300
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
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