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Anti-Graffiti Film

Commercial Glass Restoration Anti Graffiti Film

During Glass Restoration Riverside

Glass Restoration is just yet another way we make ordinary glass extra-ordinary! One day you may arrive at your work place to learn your glass has been vandalized. Instead of paying for the higher cost of glass replacement we can in most cases restore your gass to it's orginal state and then immediately protect it with a thick clear anti graffiti film to help prevent the vandalism from happening again. It's part of our CSI-Guard services which can include our professional clear or tinted Safety Window Film's.

Anti Graffiti Film Steel Garage Doors Los Angeles

Steel Door BEFORE Anti Graffiti Film

Anti-Graffiti Film can be installed to many types of surfaces, as long as it’s smooth and flat. This can include metal elevator doors, restroom mirrors, storefront glass, etc..  A repeat client just had a gorgeous metal garage door installed and was wise to call us immediately to install our thick clear 6 mil anti-graffiti film before the inevitable happens, being vandalism and/or accidental damage. Assuming this garage door gets vandalized all we need to do is replace the protective film, saving the high cost of the door replacement.

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