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How is window film applied?

  1. We prep your windows for installation by scraping and cleaning the glass thoroughly.
  2. The film is then cut to the size of the window pane it’s being applied to, actually we will cut the film bigger than the actual measurement, this way we can custom fit the film to your glass.
  3. Think of window film as a big postage stamp or like putting up wallpaper on glass. The film has an adhesive on one side but unlike wallpaper or postage stamps it's protected with a clear plastic sheeting. The plastic is removed therefore exposing the adhesives. The adhesive is activated with a safe cleaning solution, which is usually baby shampoo and water and then applied to your window. We squeegee out most of the water that is in between the film and glass with a special tool towards the edges of the frame. We then do some magic and it’s all over, you will then be amazed how unobtrusive the film looks on your windows.

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