Professional Window Tinting for Los Angeles

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  • Window Film Residential & Commercial

    Clearview Sun Control, Inc. provides free expert consultations Satisfaction Guaranteed for Window Tinting Residential & Commercial applications. Our multi-award services include the finest in Sun Control Film's including Non Reflective Window Tinting. Whether it's Privacy or to protect your carpets, floors, or furnishings from Premature Fading, Reduce Glare &/or Heat, we have solutions you can count on. Our services include a wide range of Decorative & Frosted Glass Coatings that can transform your glass in minutes and affordably!

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  • Decorative

    Decorative Films for Santa Monica to Long Beach...

    Clearview Sun Control, Inc. proudly offers custom decorative window film designs for corporate imaging, logos, custom patterns, controlled privacy, enhanced aesthetics, you name it... Simply provide us with your vector art or even that paper napkin sketch idea you have & we'll make that vision a reality for you. It's a quick and affordable way to offer partial or complete privacy glass for conference rooms or all types of office spaces designed with clear glass. Our Frosted Window Films are extensively used to provide nighttime & daytime privacy to any glass while still allowing the light to enter. It can instantly transform your glass into a functional piece of art at a fraction of the cost of glass etching.

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  • Sun Control

    Sun Control Window Film

    Sun Control Film helps reduce fading by rejecting up to 99.9% of the UV and other harmful energy waves of our suns energy. Protecting furniture and floors from fading is the #1 reason why most of our Residential Window Tinting customers apply this type of window film product to their glass. Designed to control heat, glare & ultraviolet radiation, this not only computes to maximum fade control overall but other benefits such as improving overal comfort, energy savings & most importantly protecting you & your family. Window films are among the most cost effective energy retrofits for existing residential & commercial buildings, (as quoted by Consol, Energy and Environmental Solutions, 2012 Energy Analysis).

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  • CSI-Guard©

    Glass Restoration, Anti Graffiti & Security Film

    Our CSI-Guard© Service's Restore, Protect & Secure your glass. To mitigate the high costs of replacing glass we offer certified Glass Restoration Services. It's a two step process, after we remove the scratch or damage we polish the glass surface back to it's original shine. Anti Graffiti Film helps prevent vandalism from happening in the first place. Security Window Film is designed to stick on glass much more aggressively then anti-graffiti film. In most cases we apply it much like we do with our other window film products but many government/commercial facilities attach security window film to the frames via a structural sealant for exceptional blast mitigation and added security.

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