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Security Window Film

Safety Window Film (a.k.a. Security Window Film or Tinting) can be clear or tinted and like most of our product line is always high in U/V rejection. Some ‘Solar Films’ come in a ‘Safety Film’ version. Most applications will not require more then 4-8 mil thick although there are safety window films on the market up to 14 or more mil’s thick. Safety Window Films will help hold dangerous glass shards together incase of:

  • Severe breaks caused by earthquakes
  • Accidents, including dads wild golf swing
  • Theft, buy dramatically inhibiting intruders
  • Used extensively in the government sector for blast purposes (usually requires some sort of attachment system)

Safety Window Film requires additional expertise. As a Los Angeles premier warranty dealer, our select film manufacturer will guarantee your product for life and match your existing glass manufacturer warranty.

secure glass to frame

safely keep shards in place

UV clear and tinted

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Ensure the longevity of your glass with our three complimentary services: Glass Restoration, Anti-graffiti Film , and Security Film. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We’re always available to answer any questions or address concerns.