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To address the issues concerning high interior reflection that inhibit nighttime visibility, manufacturers have developed advanced technologies. This includes dual reflective and non-reflective products. Unlike earlier generations of window tinting that were prone to bubbling and discoloring, our newer professional grade treatments are built to last. Our professional films automatically come with a lifetime and transferrable warranty.

Our select professional solar window films are the ultimate for aesthetics, performance and quality. Our preferred professional window films include dual-reflective and dual ply nano-ceramic window film.

With the industry’s finest warranty program, all products (including your glass) and services are guaranteed. That’s just the icing on the cake!







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Professional Window Film Offerings

Ceramic Tinting (Non-Reflective)

Huper Optik’s patented 2-ply ceramic window film technology allows you to experience a crystal ClearView. Huper’s 2-Ply Ceramic maintains low reflectance on both sides of the glass surface without sacrificing performance. This original ceramic technology has always been a favorite with our oceanfront customers because ceramic is an inert technology and will not corrode like most metal-based products.

The benefit of this patented ceramic window film is the ability to naturally preserve a nighttime view. Beware of imitators! Check out our blog on ceramic window tint or call us at 310.372.5357 for more information.

Dual Reflective (exterior Reflective)

Dual Reflective Window Film technology refers to the difference of reflectivity This is important because these films reflect less towards the interior side of the window. The benefit is you see through your treated glass much better at night time. Dual-Reflective Films are preferred by both residential customers and business owners because of the additional benefit of a better night view but with nearly the same results of the more efficient traditional reflective window films. Dual Reflective films are often referred to as “two-way-mirrored” films. During the day it’s possible to provide privacy while looking inside your building, but you are able to clearly see out.  As well as having great aesthetics, these films are priced favorably for nearly any budget.