Sun Control Film

The best defense against harmful UV rays


Solar film for premium control

Available in reflective and non-reflective

Sun Control Window Film a.k.a. Solar Film is always transparent and can be almost undetectable in color to extremely dark, like the back of most limousines. It is usually installed to the interior side of your windows, although there are some films engineered to be used for exterior applications. Solar Window Film is best utilized for fade protection, glare reduction, daytime privacy tinting and solar heat control. A thicker (along with aggressive adhesion) type of solar film can be applied for extra security protection and even blast safety purposes called ‘Safety Window Film‘. Safety Films are offered in both clear and tinted versions.

Our Featured Products Include:

  • Huper Optik Window Film – The original dual ply ceramic window film company.
  • Saint-Gobain -A local manufacturer behind Panorama & Solar Gard. The first manufacturer of window films to publish an Environmental Product Declaration.
  • Madico – A local distributor & trusted manufacturer known for their exemplary Safety & Security Film’s with their proprietary Gullwing Attachment System.

fade protection

glare reduction

privacy tinting

solar heat control

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Which Solar Film Is Right For You?

Solutions for residential and commercial customers

Depending on the type of project (Commercial/Residential) will help determine the class of Solar Film we recommend. As an example, for residential use, a higher product class is usually required. Generally our Professional and/or Premium grade solar window film products are preferred here. These higher grade products add features like lower interior reflection for better nighttime viewing. Or for those discerning customers that require maximum light transmission along with impressive solar heat reduction you will most likely be eying one of our Premium line of products.