Our CSI-Guard©

Restore, Protect, & Secure Your Glass


Our Quality Guarantee

To Ensure the Integrity of Your Glass

We are capable of performing all 3 services to your glass at once! 

* Glass Restoration,  to ‘restore’

* Graffiti Film, to ‘protect’ 

* Security Film w/wo frame attachment, to ‘secure’. 

Most Glass Restoration companies turn to window film as an afterthought, greatly limiting their knowledge and expertise in this complicated field. 

We are factory trained and certified in all services we provide ensuring you proper standards and professional results every time.




person applying window film

Clearview Sun Control Inc.

Our Complimentary Services

Solutions for residential and commercial customers

Whether you need to help keep your business looking graffiti free or need added security from burglaries, riots and vandalism, our three CSI Guard© services help you stay protected and secure. In many cases your windows can be restored at a fraction of the cost it would take to replace them. Our thick, clear, UV rejection graffiti films are commonly applied to the exterior and interior glass surface to prevent future damage. Learn more about our 3 complimentary services by clicking the following links or calls us today, we’re always available to answer any questions or address any concerns you have.