July 10, 2012

The Original Ceramic Window Film, Huper Optik


I’m a light sleeper, like many, I have a lot of things constantly on my mind and shutting it down at night is a difficult task. That’s why I decided many years ago to purchase a Tempur-Pedic® bed (this is not a commercial I promise). I was desperate and was willing to try anything to help me sleep better. So I started looking into beds and came across Temper-Pedic®. Like any discerning consumer I started my research on Tempur-Pedic® beds and learned there were many “pedic” products out in the market. This was a bit confusing to me because I wanted to make sure I was purchasing the original technology, not some copy of. It’s never easy is it? Come to find out that Dan-Foam ApS has a patent for the word Temper-Pedic® but apparently not on the single word Pedic. I educated myself enough to come to the conclusion that I wanted to purchase the original patented product made by Dan-Foam ApS.

The term “Ceramic” sort of reminds me of this analogy. When Clearview Sun Control, Inc. introduced Huper Optik® patented ceramic window films to the Los Angeles market in 2001 this new term or technology was just that, new, and groundbreaking actually. It’s the world’s orignal patented ceramic window film technology. It’s one of the biggest factors why I started this company.

Clearview History lesson:

During that time in 2001, I was approached by whom I consider a mentor and good friend, Gary Clark. Gary goes on to tell me about this new product out on the market, different from anything else we have ever experienced. A window film product from Germany made with nano ceramic technology, Huper Optik. It was perfect timing, I had just moved to Los Angeles after working for many years as a licensed contractor in Northern California for many large and small dealers. I was searching for a niche product that would cater to the beach communities (high corrosion environment) along with the extraordinary views.

With the huge success of Huper Optik Ceramic product line came the fierce and even some desperate competition. Well, thanks to the internet I can type away and hopefully help clarify any confusion concerning “ceramic window film”.

I can simply state this, Huper Optik® is the original manufacturer of Ceramic Window Film technology. Huper’s dual ply ceramic films are indeed patented. This dual ply technology is what gives the film it’s unique characteristics of low reflectivity, unparalleled clarity and high performance. There are many single layer ceramics out there, in fact Huper Optik offers that too. These single layer versions cost less, that doesn’t mean you will purchase it for less from our competitors. Huper Optik along with their elite dealer network has given birth to the “Ceramic” brand/term. When one decides to purchase a “ceramic” film product that person can easily be deceived into thinking they’re purchasing the original product. You can conceivably end up paying more for a copy rather then the real stuff.

Another problem we are running across is concerning some of the overblown & misleading advice many are receiving from our competitors about dual pane windows and ceramic tinting. It’s true that you need to be careful in choosing “any” product that will likely contribute to the possibility of seal failure to your dual pane glass system. The variables involved are too numerous for this topic and can be better addressed during your initial consultation. Huper Optik assures that their products are ‘dual pane’ safe. If you hire Clearview, you will automatically inherit additional protection for your glass. This subject  of glass failure/breakage shouldn’t be too much of a concern but we encourage you to bring it up during our meeting where we could better evaluate your unique circumstance(s).

Clearview was the first to proudly introduce Huper Optik® ceramic window films to the South Bay Los Angeles.

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