June 1, 2024

How To Find Your Best Solar Film Match Quickly

Have you ever wondered how to choose the perfect solar film for your specific needs? In this visual experiment, we’ll highlight some of the key factors involved in selecting the best product for your unique situation. 

Our rating ranges from 0 to 5. We use the (+) symbol to indicate extraordinary values. 

Step 1 – Decide What Options Are Important To You

for example…


  • low reflective
  • high heat rejection (scores over 3)
  • very good fade reduction
  • not too dark 



  • Line items 12 & 13 fit these criteria well.
  • both are ‘low reflective‘ films 
  • both have a high scores over 3 for good or better heat rejection 
  • both score high for ‘fade reduction’ too. 
  • the ‘darkness’ values may not be as dark as they initially appear. From our experience, most professional solar films generally look lighter in shade after installation. For more insights, check out our blog on visible light perception—it’s filled with interesting facts that might enlighten you!
solar film match

Step 2:  Click To Learn More About Film Type & Technology


  • 1 thru 5 (Standard Reflective / Intermediate Series)
  • 6 thru 13 (Dual Reflective & Ceramic / Professional Series)
  • 14 & 15 (Spectrally Selective / Premium Series)


#15 is an outlier, we note this on the very bottom of the linked page. The film we are referring to here is the Panorama Sterling 50 made by Saint-Gobain to be precise (the same company that provides glass to Tesla). 

Helpful technical facts related to the chart above:
*VLT = (Visible Light Transmission)

This specification tells us how much light passes through the glass. The higher the percentage, the lighter the film. You will notice that a low VLT percentage value provides darker shades of solar film, resulting in higher ‘darkness’ values.

About Fading, the ‘official’ causes are:
  • 40% Ultra Violet Light
  • 25% Heat (Infra-Red is the main source of heat)
  • 25% Visible Light

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