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Premium Warranty

Clearview is proud to announce our continued investment and dedication to our customers. As South Bay's PremierPlus Warranty dealer, our customers inherit the industries finest warranty offering period. It's like two warrantys in one package, one for the glass and the other for the film. Highlights are:

  • Automatically matching existing glass manufacturers warranty. You no longer need to worry about voiding your existing dual-pane glass manufacturers warranty.
  • Up to 10 yr glass breakage warranty (norm is 5 yr)
  • Up to $1,750 Limit per glass unit coverage (norm is $500), applies to Residential and Commercial clients.
  • All Residential warranty's are transferable to new ownership (first of its kind)
  • Up to 16 yrs for commercial customers
  • Warranty is active the minute you sign it, no mailings no forms no fuss!
  • You still get a lifetime warranty for the film stating that it will not bubble, peal, discolor etc..


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