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Window Film Introduction

Window Film can be defined as any transparent or opaque film-to-glass application specifically designed to enhance the performance and/or aesthetics of glass.

We use the term 'Window Film' as a general term to represent all products used in our industry. Some terms used are daytime night time privacy window tinting, two way mirrored film, limo dark, clear solar film, UV Film, glass coatings, blackout, whiteout, frosted window film and custom etched logo's. They are an accessible upgrade to most existing glass and an extremely cost-effective solution and can be used to apply advertising, branding or decoration on any glass surface.

Solar Window Films are the most popular type of Window Film, they help lower cooling costs by reducing the sun's direct heat transfer through glass thanks to new low reflective technologies in ceramic and precious metals including higher reflective metal based materials used for reflective window tinting products. Newer advanced materials provide you with efficient high heat rejection unlike past inferior dyed materials that bubbled. A professional window film treatment can enhance the look and feel of your home or business and provide year-round benefits. Unlike installing blinds or drapes to protect your furnishings from UV light, window films can be used to allow natural light to enter, while reducing glare and heat.

We offer our residential and commercial window tinting services throughout the Los Angeles area.

In summary, window films can:

  • Reduce Solar Radiation; Glare/Light, Heat, (protects your skin from U/V radiation)
  • Dramatically reduce fading of your furnishings 
  • Protect glass & other flat smooth surfaces from vandalism
  • Hold broken plate glass panels together 
  • Provide Privacy day and night time
  • Be used to Decorate Glass with unlimited Decorative Window Film options

To help simplify, we categorize our Los Angeles product offerings to:

In our technical area we'll dig in deeper to learn more about the most recent technologies used today.

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