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Anti Graffiti Film

Anti Graffiti Window Film is a clear u/v film but thick enough to prevent scratches to your glass. Unlike clear security window film the adhesive on anti graffiti film is much less aggressive. So after the inevitable happens we can remove and replace the film without much trouble, this helps lower your replacement cost.  It can be installed to the interior or exterior side of any flat glass surface. Our strict installation guidelines ensures indisputable results every time. Even our tools are one of a kind.

Anti Graffiti Window Film can be thought of as an insurance policy for your storefront glass or any type of glass prone to vandalism. As with any insurance program if the costs outweigh the benefits then it's probably not worth it, we get that!

Clearview Sun Control, Inc. has extensive experience in anti graffiti window film installations throughout the Los Angeles and beyond. Our company started primarily as a specialist in Security Window Film installations over 20 years ago which is very similar to anti graffiti film due to it’s thickness in its material and special techniques involved to properly mount these products to flat glass.  The adhesive in Security Film offerings are much more aggressive, designed to hold glass together in extreme circumstances especially used in office window tinting projects and countless other commercial window tinting specifications.

Graffiti film is solely designed to protect your glass from vandalism or accidental damage so they are designed to be removed easier than their security film counterparts for when the inevitable happens, this less aggressive adhesion helps keep your overall replacement costs down. These thick protective coating products even though completely clear have the same UV protection as in most of the professional window film products we offer. UV rejecting films are very beneficial to storefront businesses selling high end clothing and furniture and help your employees stay safe from the harmful effects of UV Radiation. Some of America’s largest food chain restaurants have entrusted us for many years to deliver anti graffiti glass coatings and other types of window film products to their facilities throughout Southern California. We take great pride in our work and our proprietary systems and techniques providing consistent professional results every time.

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