Low Reflective

Ceramic 50 Residential Window Tinting Studio City Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California

The Challenge

This new homeowner located in Studio City Los Angeles noticed an uncomfortable amount of heat transmitting through his dual paned windows. Unlike many of our beachfront customers that enjoy a consistent ocean breeze throughout the year. Studio City for the most part can feel more like Palm Springs during some hot summer days. They preferred to minimize changing the ‘curb appeal’ of the glass. Fade reduction was definitely a subject of interest being that this was a new home with new furniture and hardwood floors.

The solution

A 50% Visible Light Transmission (VLT) film may sound dark to most of us because rejecting half of the light seems like a big number but in reality this is considered a light film in our industry. There’s a close correlation to fading & visible light transmission (vlt), 50% vlt is the lightest shade of film we recommend if fade reduction is on the top of your list. Saint-Gobain’s new Panorama Ceramic CX50 for this project fit the bill. Was it a success? We returned the following week to add to the other side of the house :)

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