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Rancho Palos Verdes

The Challenge

The close proximity to the ocean and experiencing for ourselves over the many years in business how some metal based window tinting treatments react to the salty air environment helped determine the solar film technology used for this project. Therefore product longevity was on top of the list here as corrosion was a valid concern.

Heat control with a natural appearance was priority to not defeat the massive charm this property portrays.

Preserving the day and night view was another big factor. In most cases we improve the day time view by choosing a crisp looking product that subdues most of the glare with great night view aesthetic values.

Being this home is sitting on top of a mountain & especially exposed to the harmful radiation of the sun, protecting valuable heirlooms from premature fading was ‘the top overall concern’.

The solution

We talk about corrosion because Clearview Sun Control, Inc. has always been located in South Bay Los Angeles where corrosion is mostly relevant. Ceramic film is an inert technology, ideal for those battling with the corrosive conditions of the high salty air conditions of beach front properties.

Do to the nature of the type of glass and the high importance of heat rejection we recommended a medium Ceramic 35 from Panorama Saint-Gobain (SG) called CX35 for most of the west facing glass panels. We treated other rooms with an exterior overhead protection with a lighter version of this same film named CX50.

Nighttime and daytime views were preserved due to the fact that we chose a low reflective window film product that doesn’t incorporate any metals.

With an excellent warranty program like no other… Inherited is SG’s PremierPlus warranty program which is always icing on the cake. (link premier plus warranty program to warranty)

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