Huper Optik Ceramic Window Film Commercial Redondo Beach Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California

The Challenge

This modern office space located in Redondo Beach, CA was requesting a product that wouldn’t add more reflection to their store front glass but at the same time help them with the morning glare and excessive heat while providing privacy throughout the day time. Yes, there’s a window film product especially designed for this with an added bonus, exceptional clarity.

The solution

Huper Optik Dual Ply Series Window Film for clarity and performance. This product is absolutely stunning when it’s up on your glass. Hupers ceramic window tinting provides low reflectivity, above average performance and superb clarity, did we mention clarity? The darker versions also help provide you with day time privacy so you can enjoy your ClearView while keeping them nosey onlookers from disrupting your tasks.

note: Some exterior pic’s may appear reflective to you but this is simply the natural reflection of this glass. Notice where the shadow’s overlay the glass on top, no reflection!

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