Privacy Window Tint Dual Reflective Manhattan Beach

Los Angeles, California, - Manhattan Beach
Privacy Tinting Reflective Before Manhattan BeachPrivacy Tinting Limo Reflective After Manhattan Beach

The Challenge

We have worked at this local medical office location in Manhattan Beach, CA on and off for several years. Our customer wanted a simple solution to add daytime privacy tinting and to help keep his office cooler from the direct sun exposure.  Window coverings were not an option and as you may have noticed one of the window panes are partially obstructed by a wall. Since this is a repeat customer all it took was a call/text to us with a brief explanation of the issue. We have already applied a dark interior dual-reflective window film to other window panes in his unit in the past so the doctor ‘in this case’ already knew what the cure was, no pun intended.

The solution

The solution in this case was a highly dark dual-reflective window tint. This particular film is in our Intermediate solar film line by Solar Gard. Dual reflective films have low reflection towards the interior side of a room but the exterior side as you can see reflects most of the light during the day, in this case the reflective property is 44% with nearly 80% of the total solar energy rejected. We chose this dark limo reflective film at 5% VLT because the goal was for maximum daytime privacy. You may be wondering, what about nighttime privacy window tinting? In summary, this effect will not work during night hours when there is no sun to reflect.

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