Commercial Dual Reflective Window Film Santa Monica Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California

The Challenge

In most commercial buildings that install solar window film products the biggest concern is usually heat & glare control. There isn’t much emphasis to maximize ‘night view’ in many high rise office buildings because frankly most employees go home before it’s dark. Well, that’s unless you are a busy law firm working on big cases in Santa Monica Los Angeles! This customer needed a film that would work like a typical reflective film but required to see through the glass during nighttime because many employees worked throughout the night.

The solution

Panorama Dual Reflective Slate 10 was the obvious choice here. Part of the reasoning was that we needed to choose a film product that would reject enough glare & heat as possible without making the space appear too dark during times when there is no direct sun, taking into consideration this is a big wall of glass. Closing window coverings completely to offer some relief & completely blocking the view of the courtyard wasn’t cutting it! Additionally the HVAC system simply couldn’t keep up with the heat. Almost immediately this customer was so thrilled of the results that they hired us to do another wall of glass.

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