Ceramic 50 Window Film Commercial Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach, California

The Challenge

Being this is a store front some obvious challenges we encounter are to not install a window film product that will stand out, but still block as much glare and heat as possible from the direct southernly sun and at the same time being careful to not darken the glass to the point where the business now appears uninviting. In most cases we are working directly with tenants so not everyone could afford a clear precious metal film like our Panorama Hilite 70 that is designed to reject most of the heat but look practically invisible. Keeping costs as low as possible was a major concern here especially being a new business.

The solution

Ceramic tinting is a great choice here because of the issues addressed above and also because this property is only about a block or two away from the Redondo Beach Pier, corrosion is always something we need to address. Unfortunately certain high performance ceramics in the market are still out of reach in costs for those that are renting space and limited in funding. This is why we are so excited about the Panorama CX Series Solar Window Films, the price is right and the aesthetics and performance are fantastic! We were thrilled to offer the Panorama Ceramic 50 (CX50), actually this was the first installation we did with this brand new product and we are even happier to announce that the owner especially loves it.

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