Dark Non-Reflective Privacy Solar Film Rancho Palos Verdes

Rancho Palos Verdes, California

The Challenge

For this repeat customer it was all about the aesthetics. The goal was to make the top floor match the bottom floor as much as possible. The bottom row of glass has a dark window film applied to the interior side of the glass and directly behind it there is a wall, very common. The second floor has very old window film with no wall behind it that needs to be replaced (R&R) but it was imperative that the side of this building match nicely from the exterior because it is the very first building of over 5 in total you notice when entering the grounds. Since the second floor is a library and facing an outstanding view of the Pacific Ocean the film had to be very dark and non-reflective in order to match the 1st level but still be transparent enough as to not diminish that extra ordinary view.

We like to stress that we are a ‘Solutions’ based company, not product-based this means we go to extremes to find you the BEST solution possible, no matter what it takes.

The solution

Saint-Gobain manufactures Solar Gard & Panorama commercial and residential window films, they are certainly one of our favorite brands but even though they have hundreds of window film product offerings in some rare occasions like this we sometimes find we have to look elsewhere to solve a solution that needs to fit a particular need.

After a few calls to many long term industry friends we did just that and arranged to have samples of an ‘Avery 7% VLT’ overnighted to us. It turned out to be a great match and comes with a 15 year manufacturers warranty, this is exceptional for a dark low-reflective film product, problem solved!

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