Anti-Graffiti Film

Anti-Graffiti Film Steel Garage Doors Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California

The Challenge

With a beautiful door like this it’s no wonder why one would go through great lengths to figure out a way to protect it from vandalism and help deter future instances of vandalism from re-occurring. Here are 3 solutions one could come up with.

  1. They could hire a Security Guard 24/7?
  2.  Install a gate and invite Spiky the anxious German Shepard to permanently guard the door, that surely would do it?
  3. or… Call Clearview Sun Control, Inc.

The solution

Well, you probably guessed #3 was the obvious solution here, it surely was the most inexpensive, least obtrusive & quickest solution as well. You may be wondering how will this help deter vandalism? The answer to this will be apparent after the first instance of vandalism because as soon as it happens we can immediately (or ASAP) remove the prior film and reinstall a new anti 6 mil graffiti film coating, say goodby to the gang markings. One common theme we see in this line of business is that once the graffiti starts it’s like the flood gates open for others to add to the menace. It’s in your best interest to handle it quickly before it gets out of control.

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