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El Segundo Decorative Semi Privacy Frost Film

Pre-patterned Decorative Window Film LAX

What if you require some privacy for some conference room window panes and don't want to break the bank? Pre-patterned Decorative Window Films are very popular for this reason. There are 100's of options to choose from and when professionally installed by a licensed multi-award winning company such as Clearview Sun Control, Inc. (had to throw that in :) they look amazing!

Ceramic 50 Window Film Commercial Redondo Beach

CX50 Ceramic Window Film Redondo Beach

Panorama Ceramic 50 a.k.a. CX50 has only been out on the market for a few months and so far the response has been excellent! As LA's original Ceramic Window Film Company we truly understand what it was about the ceramic window film products that our Los Angeles customers fell in love with in the first place. It's a combination of low reflection, exceptional performance, clarity and non corrosive nature that makes these films attractive!

Commercial Glass Restoration Anti Graffiti Film

During Glass Restoration Riverside

Glass Restoration is just yet another way we make ordinary glass extra-ordinary! One day you may arrive at your work place to learn your glass has been vandalized. Instead of paying for the higher cost of glass replacement we can in most cases restore your gass to it's orginal state and then immediately protect it with a thick clear anti graffiti film to help prevent the vandalism from happening again. It's part of our CSI-Guard services which can include our professional clear or tinted Safety Window Film's.

Dark Non Reflective Privacy Solar Film Rancho Palos Verdes

BEFORE Low Reflective Window Film LA

Does the window film on this building look off in any way to you? Commercial & Residential Solar Film a.k.a. Sun Control Film is 'generally' applied to control the suns heat, glare or reject the ultra violet radiation and many apply it to increase 'daytime' privacy (see privacy window film solutions). Or a combination of one or all of the above. In this case, to improve curb side aesthetics. Since we are in the business of making ordinary glass Extra-Ordinary this means we are often in challenging circumstances.

Anti Graffiti Film Steel Garage Doors Los Angeles

Steel Door BEFORE Anti Graffiti Film

Anti-Graffiti Film can be installed to many types of surfaces, as long as it’s smooth and flat. This can include metal elevator doors, restroom mirrors, storefront glass, etc..  A repeat client just had a gorgeous metal garage door installed and was wise to call us immediately to install our thick clear 6 mil anti-graffiti film before the inevitable happens, being vandalism and/or accidental damage. Assuming this garage door gets vandalized all we need to do is replace the protective film, saving the high cost of the door replacement.

Commercial Exterior Silver 20 Reflective Window Film Long Beach

Exterior Window Film Silver 20 Long Beach

Solar Window Film is installed to the interior side of glass MOST of the time but there are few exceptions. Even though the glass in this building was dark that didn't mean it was performing well. In reality the direct sun was making the glass super hot and transmitting through at a rapid pace. Many HVAC systems simply can not keep up, running electricity bills up to the roof. This was no exception concerning this external window tinting project in Long Beach, CA.

Huper Optik Ceramic Window Film Commercial Redondo Beach Los Angeles

Huper Ceramic 30 Window Film Los Angeles

Clearview Sun Control, Inc. knew something special back in 2001, a new dual layer ceramic window film technology that was 100% unique, a game changer for our industry. Exciting enough that our company was founded more than 18 years ago as the only LA Window Tinting Company to offer the Huper Optik Ceramic Window Film product's. Ceramic Window Tinting isn't for everyone but it makes sense for a lot of folks that are seeking a natural low reflective glass appearance to their home or business with above average performance and clarity.

Commercial Dual Reflective Window Film Santa Monica Los Angeles

Window Film Los Angeles Panorama Slate 10

Panorama Slate Series Window Film has been our personal favorite dual reflective solar window film choice since it came to market. Through our services you will inherit a 16 year commercial and lifetime residential warranty with added bells and whistles! This Santa Monica Law Firm was BAKING in the afternoon sun so they called Clearview Sun Control, Inc. to help solve their Heat & Glare issue's. No longer did they have to close their window coverings to help tame that dreaded direct sun. These products were designed for all of the above!

Decorative Frost Banner Window Film Orange County

Decorative Window Film Frost / Reverse Name

Frosting glass with decorative window film is a part of our business we enjoy very much because this can help improve your corporate identity tremendously with your visitors and it's just a fraction the cost of glass etching and much cleaner and faster. We can apply your logo reverse, or use reveal's for a professional accent. Add a custom pattern or add your employees names to each room to let them know you value each and one of them. Be as creative as you want, we have a team of talented designers that can help you realize your vision.

Commercial Whiteout Privacy Film Los Angeles

AFTER Whiteout Film Los Angeles

Privacy Window Film can be considered many things. It can appear mirrored from the exterior, or very dark like the back of a limousine. Other ways to add privacy to glass is to apply decorative window film products like semi opaque or complete opaque film. For this new Sprinkles store on La Cienega Blvd in Los Angeles we installed a White Out Window Film (100% opaque). The original request was for a white frost film, please continue reading for the complete story and why we advised against that.

811 N Catalina Ave #2300
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
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