Custom White Frosted Window Film Santa Monica


The Challenge

This was our very first project with a custom white frosted window film design so we felt the need to feature it here. We were already working on another project at RKO Pictures at the time when we were asked to add an element to an interior glass panel located in the lobby. The timing was impeccable because we have just purchased a 72″ plotter for projects just like this. Did we take the easy road and recommend a typical plotter friendly film to install for our very first special project?

The solution

RKO, an iconic American film production and distribution company didn’t want the usual look, rightfully so. We suggested a polyester product generally used for large commercial and residential windows. Our white frost choice has a slight silvery hue to it which we thought would show well in this situation. It’s ironic we went this route since polyester is not a plotter friendly product, a 3M vinyl or other Dusted Crystal type of product would have been easier to work with. We think it came out wonderful and most importantly our customer was thrilled too.

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