Decorative Frost Banner Window Film Orange County

Orange County, California

The Challenge

This was a very fun job! Our customer wanted to achieve some privacy in the office spaces without completely blocking out the view and feeling enclosed. They wanted a custom solution that would incorporate the names of each employee and have the option of replacement if ever needed in the future. They wanted their logo’s in reverse at key area’s of the building for added privacy and to add a design aspect throughout most of the office spaces, simple and clean all without darkening the spaces we would be applying the decorative film to.

The solution

We chose a very common 3M vinyl white frost film called Dusted Crystal. It allows most of the light to enter a room but is opaque enough to where you can not see through it. Since this type of project requires the use of our 64″ plotter we were careful to chose a vinyl film product with proper specifications that are intended to work well with plotters. If an employee departs the company we can always replace one strip with a new name without replacing the entire graphic. Now it’s difficult to imagine these interior office window panes without this custom decorative window film installed. We were able to meet every expectation they requested and on top of it we drastically improved the appearance of their office space and helped make it a better and more comfortable place to work in.

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