Commercial Whiteout Privacy Film Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California
storefront with half frosted window filmstorefront with frosted window film

The Challenge

Sprinkles had called us requesting if we could remove and replace an old White Frost film for a kitchen area. We were told that there will be large commercial equipment placed directly behind the glass. The goal was simple, block the view from the exterior to create privacy but somehow allow some natural light to enter. They requested a white frost of which we always have plenty in stock but that didn’t sound right to our ears, I’ll explain in a bit… There wasn’t any time to inspect the site because the job had to be completed fast, more like yesterday. At this point a solution was needed quickly so they could make a decision and run with it.

The solution

White frosted film is a great option in many situations but because it’s a ‘semi-opaque’ film product that means any item that’s leaning on the glass or within inches of the glass you can make out. Since our customer was going to lean refrigerators and other large machinery directly behind the glass we advised to go with a Whiteout or Blackout film (nearly 100% opaque). This solution will completely hide the items making for a cleaner and less cluttered look. The decision to leave the top glass open was made to allow natural daylight to enter. We were thrilled we were able to save the day! Sometimes it’s the simple ones that make it all worthwhile!

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