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Technical Introduction

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We’ll focus our attention on technologies prefered in LA Window Tint installations and why certain window tints are used as opposed to others. Depending if you live on the coastline of Santa Monica to the top of Palos Verdes or the inner parts of Torrance, Los Angeles City will help determine the type of window film technology you ultimately chose. Do you have any Homeowner Association (HOA) concerns? What is the curb appeal of certain solar films and how will it change the look of your home or office windows? Do you have a contemporary home or more traditional style? We even take into consideration the exterior color of your residential or commercial property when deciding on your best options. This is where emotion and practicality blend together, a balance that’s very difficult to truly understand unless you fully understand not only how technologies of non reflective or reflective window film coatings react, to all types of glass.

Because we were the first certified LA tint contractor (lic #774678) to offer ceramic tinting that makes us the most experienced. We fully understand high absorbing films compared to non absorbing films and how this works out in ‘real life’ situations. Since we are a serviced based company and don’t push you towards a single brand this allows us to offer you more choices, something most will not dispute as a negative.

Additionally we always invest in the newest glass measuring tools available that even most professional glazers don’t have. These glass measuring tools can tell us if your glass in tempered, laminated, has a low-e coating and which side of the glass surface has the coating (this matters too), it tells us the space in between your dual-paned glass, the thickness of your glass, how dark your naturally glass tint is, roughly how much UV radiation is entering through your glass etc... Data is everything especially in today's world of complex glass coatings so we created this area especially for you, our existing and future customer! Please keep checking back because we are constantly adding new material!

If you're an information junky, check out our technical blog.

Reducing your exposure to UV radiation will lower your risk of developing skin cancer.

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