Summer Is Here! 7 Reasons To Minimize U/V Exposure For You & Your Family

By applying most professional U/V Films to your home or business you will filter out 99.9% of all UV Rays. We chose just 7 eye opener facts according to the Skin Cancer Foundation concerning the harmful effects of UV Radiation.

1) On average, a person’s risk for melanoma doubles if he or she has had more than five sunburns.

2) Each year there are more new cases of skin cancer than the combined incidence of cancers of the breast, prostate, lung and colon.

The Original Ceramic Window Film, Huper Optik


I'm a light sleeper, like many, I have a lot of things constantly on my mind and shutting it down at night is a difficult task. That's why I decided many years ago to purchase a Tempur-Pedic® bed (this is not a commercial I promise). I was desperate and was willing to try anything to help me sleep better. So I started looking into beds and came across Temper-Pedic®. Like any discerning consumer I started my research on Tempur-Pedic® beds and learned there were many "pedic" products out in the market. This was a bit confusing to me because I wanted to make sure I was purchasing the original technology, not some copy of. It's never easy is it? Come to find out that Dan-Foam ApS has a patent for the word Temper-Pedic® but apparently not on the single word Pedic. I educated myself enough to come to the conclusion that I wanted to purchase the original patented product made by Dan-Foam ApS.

Web Site Launch

As I sit here biting my nails, waiting for our new web-site to launch, I'm told that it could be completely down for up to 48 hrs, ouch!, I thought, why not take this time and talk about some of the new features of our new home? 

1) This new site features even more information then our last site from 2001 but we've designed it so that the information you read isn't overwhelming, taken in bite sizes rather then all at once. If you're up to the task you can continue to dig in to learn more about that subject. On that note we've added 'Learn More' icons for more pertinent information on that particular subject you are reading. This takes you to another level, and we'll be adding more layers as time goes by. So if you just need a quick summary about window film in general it's within easy grasp but if you want to learn more about specific types of window film technologies we've added this additional layer which in turn is connected to our Technical section for even more information. We will continue to expand on this but it will never be cluttered, that's the main goal at least!

What is really causing fading?

We have just updated probably the most important subject concerning our business, 'Fading'! The #1 reason South Bay Los Angeles residential customers hire us. Since we have devoted a whole page to this subject in our technical section if you haven't read it yet then please do, here is the direct link!

Who Makes the Best Window Film Product?

As you can imagine, we do get asked this question a few times a week. So I thought it would be appropriate to make this my first blog.

Who really does make the best stuff? Maybe you've met or have spoken with several dealers that all claim to have the greatest window film product on the planet. Most dealers have one or more favorite brands of window tinting they prefer to market and sell. In the real world no one is going to stock every major brand of film on their shelves anyway, that would take some serious shelf space. Contractual restrictions usually prevent that from happening in the first place, in other words, Brand C doesn't want Dealer A to sell Brand G because that would compete against Brand C and they just can't allow that. Our reaction is simply to stay away from Brand C, what is Brand C afraid of anyway? hmmm...

Window Tinting, A Categorized Approach

We can break Window Film into two categories, Reflective and Non-Reflective. Use this chart to help you find the right product for your special needs.

Helpful? Please let me know and I'll keep them coming...

We have a saying here at Clearview Sun Control, Inc. "A Smart Customer Is Our Best Customer"

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